too many waiters turn out to be traitors

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Rex. 20. Alabama. EMT student and ISTP.

I'm into television, Rooster Teeth, ghosts n aliens, New Orleans, feminism, alligators, and Lemony Snicket. I don't like being called adorable.

i’m at a weird age where it’s not too weird for me to be friends with someone who’s 16 but at the same time i feel responsible for them? like i don’t have any authority over my 16-year-old friends and wouldn’t try to behave as if i did but i’m still aware of the developmental period a 16-year-old is generally going through and i feel like i should be sensitive to that at the very least when interacting w/ them

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i like their idea of an EMT doing their work wearing hot topic invader zim trippants or smthn

petition to make this the official EMT uniform

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haven’t posted any rvb in a while, so i decided to finish up this (possible) headcanon for dr. grey

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My mom is watching Game of Thrones and she just said in the saddest voice, “Poor Salsa” and doesn’t get why I keep laughing.

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I’m just ???? Who wants to bet this person is like fifteen and would cry at the sight if a fracture

I LEGITIMATELY HOPE THEY’RE ACTUALLY A KID i don’t want there to be an adult maneuvering through this world with this opinion omg

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my prediction for Guardians of the Galaxy 2 (x)

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